John McGivern's Main Streets will focus on Dubuque This Month

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The first episode of a new travel program focused on cities in the Midwest will feature Dubuque in its first episode.  “John McGivern’s Main Streets” debut episode focuses on Dubuque.  It will air on Sunday, January 30th on Fox 28, Cedar Rapids, and Fox 47, Madison.


McGivern and a production team visited Dubuque for a five-day period in June, exploring unique landmarks, businesses, and gathering places, and talking with people who make Dubuque a special place to live.  He said the show's first season aimed to feture one large and one small city in each of the states it covers, plus a feauture on a neighbrood in his hometown of Milwaukee.  The show's other Iowa feature will be on LeClaire.

Local Preview Party January 24th.


McGivern will be back in Dubuque to host a preview party at The University of Dubuque Heritage Center at 7:00 PM on Saturday, Janury 24th.  The party is free and open to the public. After the preview, McGivern will give a brief talk and then take questions.

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