Everyone loves a bargain.  Nothing feels better than saving money or realizing you just made a great deal on something. Whether it's winning an item at a local auction for way less than you expected, to finding just what your want in a store and then finding out it's on sale!


As a kid I remember going to auctions with my Dad.  After a few minutes at the sale I noticed my Dad was never the first to bid on an item. He'd let someone else start things off then jump in half-way through and before the item was actually sold.  I asked him about this once and he said the trick to get a good deal is not to let on that you actually WANT the item.  It seemed to work for him.   By the way my job at each auction was to grab every item he won the bid on and take it back to the truck immediately so it couldn't be stolen or forgotten

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And it worked at more than just auctions.  I remember one particular trip where we drove from Cascade to Maquoketa to look at vanity for the bathroom Dad was remodeling.  When I saw it, I knew is was just what Dad was looking for.  But you would never know it listening to him bargain with the owner.  He would say things like "well it's the color my wife was hoping for". Or "not sure it's the right size, I'd have to redo the cabinet".  He even went so far as to walk away from the guy as if he wasn't interested.  Then he would say something like "we'll maybe I can get the wife to accept this even if it's not exactly what sh=e wanted". Would you take a little less for it?  The guy did, and we ended up with the vanity saving enough money to pay for our gas with a little left over.

I don't know if these techniques still work, but you've got a chance to try them out this Sunday at the Dubuque County Fairgrounds as they host a huge indoor flea market and yard sale.  It's happening Sunday, August 21 from 10 am till 3 pm.  The event is inside the fairground main ballroom so even if Mother Nature doesn't cooperate, you'll still be able to enjoy the bargains.

The flea market will include antique crafts, jewelry fashion, vintage goods, card collection, and more.  For more information, or to be a vendor, call 323-835-4223

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