Strangely enough, Tim Allen’s Last Man Standing may have more twists and turns to its cancellation than six seasons on ABC. The recently-canceled sitcom was negotiating to return on Country Music Television, though the talks have broken down over money.

Last Man Standing got a surprising axe from ABC, owing to the network’s lack of ownership, Allen’s salary and a move away from Friday comedy. The notably-conservative Allen took the cancellation personally, claiming to be “Stunned and blindsided” by the decision, while
rumors swirled that his outspoken political beliefs and controversial comments played a factor.

Most recently, 20th Century Fox TV was said to be negotiating for either a limited or full revival on CMT, a Viacom-owned network that similarly revived ABC’s Nashville, and already airs Last Man Standing reruns. As The Hollywood Reporter now updates, negotiations have broken down over the series’ price tag, though 20th TV has until cast options expire at the end of June to find another home.

Six seasons is a healthy run for any sitcom, but should the studio behind Last Man Standing make another last-ditch effort at keeping Allen on the air?

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