Kids are so hilariously gullible!

Remember when you were young and innocent and the world was a mystery? When you would ask an adult a question and there was no reason to doubt them? When you couldn't just Google the answer to all of life's questions? Sometimes I miss those days.

Earlier this week, we asked Iowans to share some of the weirdest lies that they believed when they were children. Not the standard ones that we've all heard (you know which ones I'm talking about), but ones that were a little unusual. Sometimes this was a lie from an adult, sometimes it was from another kid or a sibling, and sometimes it's just a conclusion that you wrongly made all on your own! For example, I used to believe that the world was once black and white. I don't remember anyone specifically telling me that, but old photos were all in black and white, so it made perfect sense to my little brain. I remember asking my mom one day when the world became colorful. Needless to say, she was a little confused.

Whether it was to teach you a lesson, trick you, or just make you laugh, we want to hear about some of the lies that you believed when you were a kid! The weirder, the better! Here are some of our favorite responses from Facebook:

The Weirdest Lies That Iowans Believed as Kids

We asked Iowans to share some of the weirdest lies that they believed when they were children, and the responses are hilarious! Here are some of our favorite responses:

Do you have a lie to share? We would love to hear it! You can leave yours in the comments or send us a message on the app!

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