Even if we haven't caught glimpses of strange illuminated objects in the sky, some of us harbor the belief that we witness a UFO at some point in our lives. I do believe in extra terrestrial life (we humans can't be the only lucky ones), but I've yet to see something in the sky I'd even remotely consider to be alien-life.

It's possible I could just be in an inopportune spot for sightings.

Lawn Love conducted a new study called "2022's Best States for UFO Fans." The hardworking methodologists examined everything from sightings data to communication tower registrations, Air Force base listings, and more to determine which of the 50 states (plus the District of Columbia) were hotbeds for presumptive alien activity.

Photo Credit: Lawn Love
Photo Credit: Lawn Love

California, Texas, and Florida comprised the top three states to scope out UFOs, based on the volume of sightings, sighting potential, and more. Maine and both respective Dakotas ranked at the bottom of the list, with North Dakota finishing dead-last in almost every category.

The real question. Where do the Tri-States rank on this list?

The answer is not very high. Illinois ranks the highest of the three, with a UFO sightings rank of 9, a sighting potential rank of 22, and an "entertainment rank" (I suppose quantifying the thrill of the sighting itself) of 26. Overall, Illinois posted a 14.78 score

FOTOKITA, Digital Team
Photo Credit: FOTOKITA, Digital Team

Wisconsin is ranked towards the bottom half of this list. The cheese state scored 9.91 overall, with its UFO sightings rank clocking in at a 20 and its entertainment rank at a 26, suboptimal for UFO spotting to say the least.

Finally, there's Iowa at #35. Iowa posted an overall score of 7.19. Its UFO sightings rank is a 34, while its sighting potential and entertainment rank are 36 and 21, respectively.

Oddly enough, Illinois did tie with Florida, New York, Hawaii, and Washington as states with the fewest UFO and alien conventions and festivals, showing the fanfare, at least in a convention sense, is relatively limited to what the ranking/interest suggests.

Read the full results of Lawn Love's study on 2022's Best States for UFO Fans here!

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