Every year, when the list of most popular baby names is released, it's fun to look at the trends on both a national and domestic level. In 2022, the name "Maverick" was one of the 10 most popular baby names in Iowa. It wasn't hard to make the connection. The movie Top Gun: Maverick was released in May of that year, and quickly became one of the most popular sequels of all-time.

"Maverick" had been in the top 100 most popular Iowa boys names since 2015. Its been on a steady climb each year, having placed 11th in 2019, ninth in 2020, and 14th in 2021, before breaking back into the top ten at number six in 2022.

Photo Credit: HannamariaH
Photo Credit: HannamariaH

Now, Social Security has released the list of most popular baby names in the state of Iowa for 2023. Before we dive into the list, you might be wondering how the trend of releasing the most popular baby names for any given year started:

According to Decorah News, Social Security began compiling the baby names list in 1997, mining a database of names that went all the way back to 1880! Each year, the list discerns different social and pop-culture trends that have taken off in the country. Not to mention, Social Security's website has a list of the 1,000 most popular boys' and girls' names for 2023.

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The Most Popular Baby Boys' Names in Iowa:

For 2023, these are the most popular baby boy names in Iowa:

  1. Oliver
  2. Henry
  3. Theodore
  4. Liam
  5. Noah

It seems like, at least for male names, the culture is looking backwards at older names, especially with the prominence of Henry, Theodore, and Oliver on this list. Either that or people have been reading a lot of Oliver Twist and Hendry David Thoreau as of late!

The Most Popular Baby Girls' Names in Iowa:

For 2023, these are the most popular baby girl names in Iowa:

  1. Charlotte
  2. Olivia
  3. Amelia
  4. Harper
  5. Evelyn

In a similar vein to the popular boy names, there are some very traditional girl names on this list, such as Harper and Evelyn. Charlotte is a very pleasant name too, and between the two lists, new parents aren't going too exotic with what they're naming their children these days.

Read more about the most popular baby names in Iowa in 2023 on Decorah News' website.

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