Being a highly sought after celebrity isn't always a walk in the park -- sometimes it's a sideways sprint into a standing SUV.

Taylor Swift demonstrated this reality on Wednesday (July 27), when video footage of the "Bad Blood" singer surfaced online, showing her walking sideways into her car after a gym visit in an attempt to avoid the paparazzi.

Despite leaving via the gym’s back entrance, Swift was unable to bypass the waiting photographers entirely, so she employed a common tactic of hers (she once hiked a trail backwards when she spotted a paparazzo hiding in the bushes) to thwart any possible profit on their end.

Pictures of Swift out and about right now would likely sell for a pretty penny, due to the recent developments regarding her ongoing feud with Kanye West. In case you've been living in the darkest, dankest cave for the past few weeks, we'll catch you up on the implications of what that means real quick.

After months of Kanye claiming Swift had consented to his controversial "Famous" line (which Swift staunchly refuted via her team, more than once), Kim Kardashian posted the receipts on Snapchat, effectively exposing Swift's story as a total falsehood. Swift then released a statement via Instagram shortly after the videos gained traction online, but she hasn't addressed the incident since.

Check out the video above to watch as Taylor Swift makes every physical attempt to dodge the paparazzi.

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