Mermaids are, apparently, so hot right now.

Following last week’s live performance of The Little Mermaid at the Hollywood Bowl and recent rumors of Disney tackling a live-action version of their animated classic alongside Universal’s version, it looks like we’ll have another dive into the sea. In a recent interview with CNBC, producer Brian Grazer let it slip that he’s working on a remake to his 1984 film Splash. So what’s it about then? Grazer won’t tell, but he did say there will be a twist.

The producer offered up some minor details to the CNBC reporter, only to stop short and say he couldn’t reveal more. “I’m actually doing Splash today, and I can’t say,” he told the reporter. But then being a little more teasey he added, “I’m actually going to do it from the point-of-view of… I can’t say anything about it. There’s a movie star that’s going to be involved, and I haven’t announced it.” Make up your mind, Grazer!

Finally the producer explained that the remake will be more in line with the original vision for the 1984 Ron Howard movie. The original treatment, which was titled Wet, followed the point-of-view of Hannah’s Madison. “We’re gonna do a version of that,” Grazer confirmed before adding that he couldn’t reveal the “twist.” Okay, so the new movie will follow the perspective of a mermaid, but what could the twist be?

I’ll put my money on a merman, though that’s not much of a “twist” rather than a lazy gender-swapping. (But then again, sometimes gender-swapping a stale plot can turn out pretty great.) Perhaps the entire movie is set under the sea in a world of mermaids where humans are actually the outsiders. Or maybe the mermaid is actually half-human half-shark, or half-human half-crab this time. Who knows!

The original movie followed Hanks as Allen, a New Yorker who falls in love with Hannah’s mermaid after she saves him. While the movie was a major success at the box office and with critics, that doesn’t necessarily mean we need another Splash. But it looks like mermaids are having a moment regardless. Watch Grazer’s full interview below.

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