The upcoming movie release calendar is like a table full of dominos; incredibly expensive dominos that are each worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Once one shifts, they all start to move around.

So when Disney announces Star Wars: Episode VIII is getting pushed back from May to December 2017 (and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales is moving up from July to May) that puts all the wheels in motion. Variety reports that Sony has moved with the proportionate speed of a spider to snatch up Pirates’ July 7, 2017 release date for their upcoming Spider-Man starring Tom Holland and directed by Jon Watts. That’s a comparatively small shift — Spidey was originally planned for July 28, 2017 — but it resulted in a much bigger move for Sony’s remake of Jumanji. Rather than opening next Christmas, 2manji (or whatever it’s actually called) will now slot into that July 28, 2017 date, giving newly signed director Jake Kasdan extra time to fully re-envision the board-game-comes-to-life adventure that was a big hit in the 1990s.

Okay so Star WarsPiratesSpider-Man, and Jumanji all have new homes. I think that’s it — for now. We’re still waiting to see whether Avatar 2 really will open on Christmas of 2017 as was previously planned now that Star Wars: Episode VIII has planted the Rebel Alliance’s flag on December 15. With Disney building a whole Avatar land in their Animal Kingdom theme park, we suspect everyone is going to play nice and find their own release dates to make lots of money. So get ready for more falling dominos.