This poor guy. Not poor in the sense that he suffered through a terribly dangerous and genuinely scary situation—he most certainly did not—but that he'll have to live with hearing his cries of "SARAH, HELP ME!" at all future social gatherings for the foreseeable future.

Now, maybe it's possible that this pond or marsh or whatever is more than just a few feet deep. Maybe there are voracious alligators closing in on him just outside the camera frame. Maybe hundreds of piranhas are feasting away at his submerged legs, unseen by any of us. But probably not.

We have to applaud Sarah's tough-love approach to this not-at-all-dire situation. Not only did she refuse to help him, she filmed his agonized, desperate pleas and even let a few mocking giggles escape. And then put his humiliating (and unnecessary) breakdown online. Well done, Sarah!

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