Californian nurse and TikTok creator Katie Bishop saw a recent video go viral after sharing how shocked she was after moving to Iowa.

Image Credit: katphishhbishh Katie Bishop - via TikTok
Image Credit: katphishhbishh
Katie Bishop - via TikTok

Many people take to social media to share their cultural awakenings after moving from one state or country to another. In addition, there are countless groups on social media where people share their stories and experiences.

Katie Bishop has dozens of videos posted to her TikTok page with more than 61k followers and over 2 million likes, so she's no stranger to getting online attention for her videos.

However, in one recent video, Bishop sharing her culture shock upon moving to Iowa to continue her education caught more notice than usual. After living her entire life in California, she calls her new Iowa life "crazy different." Click to watch Bishop's video.

She points out the perks of living in Iowa, saying the state's small population, in contrast to California's millions, means there are never long lines at the grocery store or the state DMV.

"You go to Trader Joe's on a Friday evening, and there's not like 400 people in there. Lines out the door. Every cashier is busy. I went there the other day in Iowa, and all the cashiers were empty, and they were all staring and waving at me," said Bishop in her video.

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Image Credit: katphishhbishh Katie Bishop - via TikTok

Bishop says midwesterners are friendly, chatty, relatively nice, and generally in a good mood. However, she says it's "crazy" and "disorientating, and it "throws her for a loop" to see that midwesterners and Iowans are so content, welcoming, and kind towards one another.

Many Iowans and viewers have commented on the TikTok video to welcome Bishop to her new home.

Welcome to Iowa, Katie Bishop. The Hawkeye state may be a little behind California on some things, but it is still far ahead of many others.

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