The rumor goes that over the weekend, Amazon UK accidentally printed the tracklisting for the 'Captain America 2' soundtrack, which revealed some major, major spoilers. Realizing their error, the listing was quickly removed from their site, but not before some enterprising fanboys were able to copy and paste the information on to various message boards. But, is any of it true? Did the 'Captain America 2' soundtrack reveal a massive 'Captain America 2'?

Short answer: no. [We'll issue a SPOILER warning here even though we believe this particular bit of information is unfounded.]

Still here?

The purported 'Captain America 2' soundtrack listing included two tracks in particular that got everyone on the internet all worked up: "Alexander Pierce is the Red Skull" and "Quill's S.O.S."

Alexander Pierce is the character played by Robert Redford in the film and Red Skull is the villain played by Hugo Weaving in the first 'Captain America' movie. And, the "Quill" is Peter Quill, aka Star-Lord, the character being played by Chris Pratt in 'Guardians of the Galaxy.' To think that Red Skull might return for the sequel is not the craziest thought, but his return most certainly has not been spoiled by this "soundtrack."

Some internet detective work revealed that the original "tracklisting" on included the following:

1. Mission to Moscow (4:42)
2. Opening Titles (3:43)
3. Back in Training (3:03)
4. Fast and Fury-ous (2:24)
5. City Under Siege (5:38)
6. Friendly Fire (3:19)
7. The Pursuit of Justice (1:59)
8. S.H.I.E.L.D. Blows Up (1:23)
9. Civil War (3:51)
10. Alexander Pierce is the Red Skull (0:03)
11. The Falcon and The Snowman (4:12)
12. Going Down (2:32)
13. Old-Fashioned (1:37)
14. Comrades in Arms (2:47)
15. Finale (8:19)
16. Assignment Miami Beach (2:12)
17. The Date (1:46)
18. End Credits (15:41)
19. Quill's S.O.S.* (1:15)

The first red flag (pun intended) is that the Red Skull track is only :03 long. That's not a track, that's a musical cue, which would be part of a larger, longer track. Also, we can't imagine a reveal that major taking place halfway through the movie. But, perhaps most damning is that many of these tracks are also the names of 'Police Academy' movies. 'Mission to Moscow'? 'City Under Siege'? 'Assignment: Miami Beach'??

We don't know how this got posted on Amazon, but the reason it was pulled so quickly wasn't because it contained spoilers, but because it was complete bulls---.

Now, it is entirely possible that Red Skull is a part of 'Captain America 2' in some form. Some photos we took at the 2014 Toy Fair this past weekend, show that Red Skull is part of the movie's toy line and it has been previously confirmed that another member of HYDRA, Baron von Strucker will appear briefly in 'Captain America 2' and 'Avengers 2'. We still think it's a stretch that Red Skull will appear as anything other than a WWII flashback, but that remains to be seen.

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