(The Center Square) – Robocalls topped the list of concerns among Iowans who stopped to talk to Attorney General Breanna Bird at the recent state fair.

"Not only are scam calls annoying, but they are illegal," Bird said. "All too often, scammers take advantage of 'Iowa nice' and manipulate people's emotions for money."

Bird joined with other attorneys general in suing Avid Telecom earlier this year for making or attempting to make about 24.5 billion fraudulent calls. In more than 8 million of the calls, representatives of Avid pretended to be from law enforcement, the government or a private company.

Their scams included auto warranties, Medicare and Social Security, according to Bird. About 9,000 of those calls were placed to Iowans.

Forty-seven other attorneys general, including the District of Columbia, joined the lawsuit led by Arizona, Indiana, North Carolina and Ohio. Only Alaska and South Dakota did not join the suit.

Avid Telecom is based in Arizona.

Fairgoers are also concerned about Facebook hacking, credit reporting and telemarketing.

The attorney general's office oversees Iowa's Consumer Protection Division.

"We want to make sure Iowans know that we are here to help," Bird said. "Whether it's a question about avoiding scams, financial abuse, or other problems, we're only one phone call away."

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