It’s not like he really needs any more projects to work on, but nevertheless Ridley Scott has found his next one, and it’s for Disney this time. He’s currently in talks to direct The Merlin Saga, a feature from the studio based on T.A. Barron’s fantasy series about the life of the legendary wizard before he ever met King Arthur and his knights.

In The Hollywood Reporter’s item, in which they refer to Scott as “the perpetually busy director,” they also mention that the film will be scripted by Lord of the Rings veteran Philippa Boyens, who is well-versed in bringing fantasy sagas to life on the big screen. This is good, because The Merlin Saga is actually a series of twelve books dealing with a specific point in Merlin’s life: his origins (the first four books), how he meets his best dragon friend (books 5-8), and the events that take place in his world a thousand years after his birth (9-11, with a twelfth companion novel).

Since there’s so much material in the series and Scott isn’t one to shy away from making multiple movies about something he digs (for example, Prometheus and its planned sequels), it’s likely that this may be the first in a planned series — perhaps a trilogy, since the sections of the series are so distinct.

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