Ever since we all found out about Daniel Craig’s hilarious cameo in The Force Awakens, we’ve all been wondering who’s going to make an appearance in The Last Jedi. Since a lot of the movie was shot at Pinewood Studios, 20 miles west of London, it’d be the perfect opportunity for a few celebrity locals to don a costume and pop on the soundstage for a line or two. We heard a while back that not only would Tom Hardy be making a cameo, but also Princes William and Harry as well — and now, thanks to one of the movie’s stars, we know they’ll all be in it for sure.

John Boyega, apparently fed up with all the secrecy surrounding the new movie, confirmed as much to BBC Radio 4 (via Screen Daily) during an interview. When he was asked whether the royals had any lines in the movie indicated by their leaked set visit, Boyega decided to come clean.

I’ve had enough with those secrets. [Laughs] They came on set. They were there. I’m sick of hiding it. I think it was leaked, anyway. There were images. Every time I get asked, I have to dodge it. I’m tired of dodging it. They were there. Tom Hardy was there too.

The Daily Mail first reported that the princes had visited the set of the movie — and while they’re not exactly the most reliable publication for these kinds of rumors, it does look like William and Harry just couldn’t resist exercising some of their political power to get themselves into the movie. Now all that’s left to do is see if we can tell who they, and Hardy, are playing.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi hits theaters December 15.

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