The cult classic 'Point Break' is being remade, and finally they've found the man who will step into the shoes of Keanu Reeves' Johnny Utah. That man: Luke Bracey, who you've probably never heard of.

This news comes from The Hollywood Reporter, and Bracey is something of a Tabula Rasa. The actor appeared in the 2011 film 'Monte Carlo,' and played Cobra Commander in last year's 'G.I. Joe: Retaliation.' But, considering that the actor was in a full body suit, that performance reveals little. Perhaps he killed it in his upcoming work in the Nicholas Sparks adaptation 'The Best of Me', or in 'November Man,' where he'll be costarring with Pierce Brosnan.

In some ways this is good news as these days Hollywood doesn't give unknowns big breaks like this, as they often chase after people who've already made a name for themselves. Reeves had established his comic chops by the time he made 'Point Break,' but the film functioned as his transition into action movies, which worked out pretty well for him considering 'Speed' and 'The Matrix' films. Johnny Utah is a role for a fresh-faced young actor, and (perhaps) better Bracey than some CW star. The downside is that the biggest selling point for the new film is the name brand as between Bracey and Gerard Butler (who's stepping into the Patrick Swayze role) there's not a lot of star wattage.

Shooting is expected to commence this summer, while it's worth noting the remake has turned the surfers/bank robbers into extreme sports enthusiasts.

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