Pizza and beer go together like Ken Bone and red sweaters. Now, they've achieved culinary nirvana by becoming one.

The Vulgar Chef has married the staples of every man's dream diet by creating a pizza beer koozie. It's a beer koozie made of pizza. It's edible and you wrap it right around your cold can of suds, finally putting an end to that horrible need to put down one item to pick up another and letting you chow down like your inner caveman has always wanted.

While putting a hot pizza right smack against a cold beer may not be ideal, you have to admit this creation is still pretty ingenious and you'd be totally into it if only you could get someone to whip up the koozie for you. That, or you're just going to order a pizza right now, take a slice and wrap it as far around your PBR as you can to see for yourself how well this works.

If you don't have time to watch his entire video, you can check out an abridged clip below that still makes the same point.

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