In today's world, that little camera on your phone is probably a big part of your life.

Whether you're using it to capture that adorable photo of your baby digging into their spaghetti, the meal you had on vacation, the perfect profile picture, or your dog just being your dog, odds are you've snapped thousands. And we hate to break it to you, but they probably aren't that great. Or at least, not as great as they could be.

Luckily, we have TikTok to help elevate our photography game and show us how to actually use our phone cameras. After seeing these simple secrets to taking photos, you'll be mastering phone photography in no time. Let's get to it.

This is mostly for the iPhone users. Sorry, Droid peeps!

How to Make the Background of a Photo Bigger Using an iPhone

This trick is easy and quick. Press and hold the numbers right above 'Photo' to control the lens. Then drag it to '3x' (or the zoom of your choosing). It'll take those vacation shots to the next level.

Speaking of vacation pics... if you're somewhere with tall structures, try this ⬇️.

How to Take Professional Portraits on your Phone

Looking for that perfect new profile pic? Find some nice shade, stand at a 45° angle, go to Portrait Mode and click the cube icon to change it to 'Studio Light'. Then play a little bit with the saturation, brilliance, and crop tool, and you've got a selfie that'll slay.

How to Take Photos on an iPhone in a Busy Place

If you're in a crowded area and don't want anyone else stealing your spotlight, we've got the solution. Make sure you have 'Live Photo' on, then use the lens trick to zoom in 2x and snap your pic. Once you've got your shot, click the 'Live' dropdown from the top left of the screen and choose 'Long Exposure'. Check out how sweet your pic will turn out. ⬇️

How to Take Food/Drink Pics Like a Pro From an iPhone

Even if we never post them, we still take them. Here's how you level up your food photography skills to be Instagram worthy.

Make sure you have items (not your dirty dishes) in the background and foreground, then go to Portrait Mode. Adjust your focus, exposure, and depth of field to blur the background and make the food stand out. As the video stated, if you have a crazy ex this is a good way to hide who you're dating.

There's a similar trick for drinks that involves turning your camera upside down.

How to Take Better Pet Photos From a Phone

Here's an easy way to capture all of that fluffy cuteness. Get on their level, put your phone on Portrait Mode, turn it upside down and let some grass get in the foreground. Snap the pic when they're looking your way and see how sweet it turns out.⬇️

Is your inner photographer unleashed yet? Put these simple phone photography hacks to the test and be amazed at how much better your pictures look.

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