Donald Trump is so polarizing even animals despise him.

The Republican presidential nominee raises the ire of dogs and cats in this video, appropriately called "Pets That Hate Donald Trump." Trump and his animals, of course, have a long history -- just think how many people he's called pigs over the years.

Trump's detractors will also tell you that, unlike our pets who are friendly once you get to know them, his bark is not worse than his bite, and that, unlike your neutered pet, he's got a big set of you-know-what.

Here's another clip of pets responding unfavorably to the mogul:

And, in the name of fairness, we do have to show you some clips of pets who are anti-Hillary Clinton. Her opponents probably find it hard to believe animals dislike her, since she married such a dog, is a wolf in a sheep's pant suit and nothing but a dirty rat.