In late August, something happens in my closet; something so subtle my wife probably doesn't even notice until a week or two after it happens; something that gets me excited for my favorite time of the year: my Vikings jerseys/polo shirt get re-positioned from the back of my closet to the easily-accessible middle!

Before you jump to the conclusion that I'm overreacting to this simple task, please understand that fall is my absolute favorite season and I appreciate all signs that it's not that far away.

Chili, football, jeans/long-sleeved t-shirts and beautiful fall foliage is a slice of my heaven.

Some may ask, why don't you keep your jerseys in that spot year-around? Grown men shouldn't wear jerseys other than game day. Therefor, I tuck my jerseys away during the off-season.

Regardless of what team you cheer for, all football fans can agree this is an exciting time of the year!