NASCAR driver Mike Wallace and his daughter say they're healing physically and mentally after being attacked as they returned to their cars following last Friday's Rascal Flatts concert. During an interview on Fox News, Wallace explained in further detail the events of the night.

The 57-year-old and his daughter, Lindsey, said the alleged attackers were parked in front of them at PNC Music Pavilion in Charlotte, N.C. Wallace greeted them heading in and out of the concert. The three men were tailgating after the show with a group of people. As he walked around the front of the car to the passenger seat one of them started screaming at him.

“I remember looking up at him going, ‘Hey man, was there a problem? What’s going on?'" Wallace says. He appeared calm and cordial on the show. His and his daughter's facial injuries were covered with makeup. Both looked much different than they did in photos taken immediately afterward.

After being hit, Wallace says he doesn't remember much, but he came to in time to see his daughter being assaulted by an unidentified group of women. Lindsey stepped in to protect her father, who recently had wrist and triple heart bypass surgery.

“To see your dad laying there on the ground," she tells Fox & Friends, "and these guys just beating him repeatedly over and over. You think they’re killing your dad.”

Nathan Lucas, Paul Lucas and Randolph Mangum were arrested early Saturday, but the father and daughter say others involved fled before police arrived. The television show’s hosts indicated this may not have been the alleged perpetrators' first incident at the same venue, but provided no details of previous encounters.

After learning of the attacks, Rascal Flatts expressed sadness in a tweet. Wallace said he was grateful for their message, and several times mentioned how good of a show the trio had put on prior to his attack.

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