J.J. Abrams has long since kept a hand in TV after his movie career, but Meryl Streep isn’t a name we expected to see on the small screen anytime soon, let alone together. So it is, that Streep is likely to lead a TV adaptation of breakout Nathan Hill satire The Nix, as directed and produced by none other than Abrams himself.

Deadline first broke word, though no writer or network is yet attached to the project (somewhere, HBO and Netflix are foaming at the mouth). Abrams will executive produce with Bad Robot, but is expected to direct “at least some” of the episodes. So reads Deadline’s description of the 2016 novel:

The bestselling first novel by Nathan Hill is a sprawling generational tale that focuses on a hippie-era mother who gets national press exposure for throwing rocks at a conservative governor on the presidential campaign trail. Before you know it, her estranged son — a professor, aspiring novelist and general underachiever — seizes an opportunity to get himself out of debt by writing a scathing profile of his estranged mother.

It’s early yet, but where might a joint venture between Meryl Streep and J.J. Abrams be best-suited?

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