Sergeant Jacob Fisher has a rather unusual reminder of his tour of duty in Afghanistan.

The Marine found a puppy he and his fellow soldiers named Jax in a wild animal trap on his base. Fisher's connection with Jax was strong and quick -- he knew he wanted to bring the pooch home within the first week of finding him, especially because of the dangerous condition in Afghanistan.

Well, thanks to Operation Baghdad Pups, which is a branch of the  SPCA, Fisher and Jax managed to connect again, this time on American soil, so Fisher could take him in as a member of his family.

Fisher said Jax "lifted everybody's spirits" on the base and after two-and-a-half months without seeing him, the two came back together when the puppy arrived for Fisher to bring home to his wife and son.

Fisher was worried Jax wouldn't recognize him, but it sure looks like the dog and his new family bonded pretty quickly.

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