This guy wants no part of NBC's rules.

Pat Tomasulo, a sportscaster with WGN in Chicago, is ticked off the peacock network has so many restrictions when it comes to showing Olympic highlights. Getting around them is proving harder than a Russian swimmer testing clean.

He's madder than Mary Carillo explaining badminton. He's madder than Michael Phelps getting in the zone. He's madder than an athlete who learns Pokemon Go hasn't made its way to Rio yet.

So, Tomasulo decides to make lemonade with all the lemons NBC has thrown at him by declaring that instead of the Olympics he will cover the International Athletic Competition Run by One of the Most Corrupt Organizations in the World and replace the famed Olympic rings with triangles, while letting us know the theme song is R. Kelly's "Bump N' Grind," which he lip syncs.

Tomasulo, completely fed up with NBC's policy on airing video, further mixes it up by sharing highlights of him as a high school wrestler.

Cheer up, Pat. At least the Cubs are winning, right?

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