British singer-songwriter and outspoken feminist Kate Nash posted to Instagram on Friday March 18 that she had been groped by a stranger while in her home in Los Angeles.

Sharing the details of the attack on social media, the "Foundations" singer recounted the harrowing experience that, according to her post, likely occurred on Wednesday March 16. Disclosing that she had been groped by "a man [she didn't] know" while "alone and cornered" in her bathroom, the pop artist—a longtime vocal advocate for women's rights and an ambassador to the global I Am A Girl organization—added that although the assault was violating and made her feel threatened, she felt it was important to speak up in order to encourage others to do the same.

Her full statement on Instagram reads:

2 days ago I got groped in my own house by a man I don't know. I was alone & cornered in a bathroom & extremely threatened. I'm sharing this information with you because women are encouraged to keep quiet, not take up space & hide when they get violated. We are scared to come forward because we don't want to cause trouble or a scene. We don't want to talk about heavy shit & make ppl feel uncomfortable. Women & girls are also mostly told they were asking for it & accused of making it up. So sometimes we think twice about coming forward, or we don't at all. I'm tired of feeling that way. Talking about these issues can a) help to prevent them in the future & b) make us feel stronger, more supported & safer. I'm also teaming this statement with a photo of me looking like a total & ridiculous G shot by @abaxley because I don't like the usual imagery associated with assault, we don't have to look like a victim to be one, I actually happen to be a badass bitch from hell, this shit can happen to anyone. Speak up & don't be discouraged. Share your experiences below if you wish.

Hours after posting to Instagram, Nash hosted an intimate video live stream where she shared additional details about the attack, revealing that she had been groped by a construction worker who she was considering hiring to do work on her home. The assault occurred when Nash "was showing him work that needed to be fixed."

In addition to sharing her own personal accounts of sexual assault and other violations, the artist used her live stream as a platform for viewers to share their stories as well, creating a safe place for open discussion on a topic that is typically treated as taboo to speak up about.

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