Remember when Jimmy Kimmel's 'Lie Witness News' went to Coachella last year? Well, the skit is back. This time, they headed to SXSW to interview people about made-up bands that are supposedly playing in Austin this week. And apparently the people they interviewed love those fake bands.

Nobody wants to look like a noob, especially at a place like SXSW where the music-snob quotient is off the charts. So naturally these concertgoers claim to have heard of these nonexistent bands. But things get even better when they elaborate on just how much they admire these made-up bands, which have names like Contact Dermatitis, Neil Patrick Harassment and Heavy Flow.

When asked whether or not the totally fake band What the F---, Bruce Jenner could top the success of the also totally fake band Neil Patrick Harassment, one fan offered a great explanation. "They're right on point with them," she said. "I think they have a lot of working up to do. I mean, they have a great following. So I think they can make it up to that point."

Yeah ... maybe if either band actually existed.

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