'Jimmy Kimmel Live' host Jimmy Kimmel likes to have fun with his recurring "celebrities read mean tweets about themselves" segments, which always manage to be fun and strange and not too painful. Of course, if you know anything about Twitter trolls, you know that the tweets the Kimmel team picks are not nearly the meanest of the mean, they're just the right mix of rude and amusing. There are certainly much meaner tweets out there, and some celebrities actually want those.

Vulture recently spoke to 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' co-head writer Molly McNearney about which guests have asked for truly mean tweets. The answer was surprising (no, really). Celebs like Cate Blanchett and Julia Louis-Dreyfus wanted the worst stuff, and Emma Stone was intent on reading the most tweets they could find. Take a look at their segments and see if you can spot the difference between them and everyone else.

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