The kings of parody, Adam Sandler teamed up with Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday night (May 25) on The Tonight Show for a very special tribute to America's troops.

In honor of Fleet Week, the comedians joined forces for a three-minute performance of the hilarious "Friends on All Bases." A parody of Garth Brooks' "Friends in Low Places," both Fallon and Sandler took the stage in New York, fittingly wearing cowboy hats as U.S. service men and women filled the venue's seats and watched on.

"Well I'll tell you the truth, I love all the troops, protecting land, sea and air," Fallon sang before Sandler took over.

"Now you're back in town keeping us safe and sound from that crazy a-- Elmo in Times Square," Sandler added as the two continued to trade off on vocals.

Once it came to the chorus and the two sang the ever clever "I got friends on all bases," they shouted out each branch from the Coast Guard to the Marines, much to the approval of all in attendance.

"They're all brave and strong, I dedicate this song to those who serve us day and night / And you're good looking too and if I saw you on Tinder you know I'd swipe right / I'm glad you're all here though it's just once a year oh how I wish you all could stay / Well before you all go, enjoy the rest of the show and did I mention you're gonna get laid," they continued.

Watch the video above for all the hilarity.

The real Garth Brooks continues his World Tour with shows throughout the summer, including a recently-announced run in San Antonio, Texas. The tour is expected to last three years.

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