If you thought Netflix’s commitment to stand-up comedy was big before, between new specials for Chris Rock, Dave Chappelle and Amy Schumer, read the Sein. Not only has Jerry Seinfeld inked a deal for two new standup specials, but the entirety of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, past and future, will move to Netflix.

Per The Hollywood Reporter, the projected $100 million deal will move all fifty-nine Comedians episodes to Netflix in late 2017, with an additional twenty-four ordered for the future. The first standup special is also expected to bow on Netflix in late 2017.

Additional details of the deal are set to be disclosed later (Seinfeld itself is staying with Hulu), though Seinfeld will also help develop scripted and unscripted shows. Says the comedian:

When I first started thinking about Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, the entire Netflix business model consisted of mailing out DVDs in envelopes. I love that we are now joining together, both at very different points. I am also very excited to be working with Ted Sarandos at Netflix, a guy and a place that not only have the same enthusiasm for the art of stand-up comedy as I do, but the most amazing technology platform to deliver it in a way that has never existed before. I am really quite charged up to be moving there.

Netlfix has made a tremendous push into comedy specials in recent years, between a three-part showcase with Dave Chappelle, and similar high-profile comedy deals for Chris Rock, Joe Rogan, Dana Carvey, Michael Che, Gabriel Iglesias, Reggie Watts and Colin Quinn (directed by Seinfeld, no less).

Comedians will remain on Crackle for the meantime, but what else might Seinfeld’s deal bring to Netflix? Is the internet finally getting its long-awaited Bee Movie sequel?

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