We all have our favorite pizza places.  It might be a local spot, a national chain, or maybe just the ones we make in our kitchen.  While there might be plenty of good individual places in Wisconsin, there aren't many cities that can claim to be great for those folks who love pizza.

If you think that is wrong, then you're going to have to start leaving better Google Reviews to get your city higher on this list.

The Top 5 Pizza Cities in America

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Pizzello.com has sought to uncover which cities across America have the best pizzas. The study was an in-depth analysis of average Google reviews from the nation’s 500 most-populated cities. The result was a definitive list of top-tier pizza destinations.

1 - New York City (4.68)

Are you surprised at this?  It is home to America's first pizzeria, Lombardi's, which first started serving pizza in 1905.

2 - Tulsa, Oklahoma (4.65)

OK, number 2 is a surprise.  But according to Pizzeloo, "Tulsa's pizza makers are blending traditional approaches with a distinctive Oklahoma twist, earning the city a well-deserved reputation as a pizza destination."

3 - Los Angeles, California (4.63)

It's probably all gluten-free, tofu pizza.  Pizzeloo says, "From upscale, artisanal pies to classic, family-owned joints, the city's innovative toppings and diverse styles reflect its creative and eclectic spirit."

4 - Peoria, Arizona (4.61)

In the middle of the desert where you can cook a pizza on the sidewalk, people still fire up the ovens to get some of the best pizza in America.

5 - Jonesboro, Arkansas (4.6)

Pizzeloo says that Jonesboro is "Serving up slices that are both comforting and innovative, capturing the essence of Southern culinary traditions."

Best Pizza Cities In Wisconsin

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Wisconsin is the land of cheese.  Our Google Reviews on that are top in the country.  You'd think we could put enough of that wonderful cheese on all the pizzas to get higher reviews in every city.  But, this is all there is for Wisconsin.

66 - Green Bay, Wisconsin - 4.50

120 - Kenosha, Wisconsin - 4.46

199 - Milwaukee, Wisconsin - 4.44

Either Wisconsinites are being too critical, not leaving enough reviews, or Wisconsin needs to step up its pizza game.  Or maybe it's all those FIBs and Mudducks crossing the border and leaving bad reviews.

Check out the full rankings below.

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