I would like to imagine that for most people, becoming a parent is one of the most gratifying moments in their lives. You have this newfound love that you didn't know you were even capable of. You get to watch your little mini-me grow, learn, gain new skills, and cheer them on as they hit milestones.

Before you blink, they're an independent-thinking adult who (hopefully) helps contribute to society in a positive way.

When you become a parent you now have the biggest responsibility you will ever have in your entire life. All of a sudden providing food, shelter, and the necessities become an even bigger priority. You aren't providing those for just yourself anymore.

You're providing those for a little human who count on you to do so. Raising a kid can be a daunting task financially. One of the biggest costs that come with raising a child is...childcare.

Unsplash - Marisa Howenstine
Unsplash - Marisa Howenstine

According to CBSthe average annual cost of child-rearing stood at $21,681 in 2021 — up almost 20% from 2016. It was also reported that raising a child from birth to 18 years old will cost the average parents around $237,482.

How Much Does Childcare Cost in Iowa?

Help Advisor discovered the average cost of childcare, per week, for each state in the U.S. According to their results, Iowans spend an average of $182.42 each week. When it comes to Iowa's weekly childcare costs, the Hawkeye state has it pretty good compared to the rest of the country. As a matter of fact, Iowa is the state with the most affordable childcare costs in the entire country.

Iowa is the only state in America that has a weekly cost under $200. Mississippi is the second most affordable state but they spend close to $21 extra dollars per month than Iowa parents, which is about $252 per year. The state that spends the most per week is Nevada. Those parents spend $493.46 per week, which is more than two and a half times what Iowa parents spend.

Kids are expensive! I think it's fair to say that raising a kid costs a lot of money no matter where you live.

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