There are two things that Iowans love deeply...

...burgers and cheese curds.

An Iowa fast food favorite is bringing back a viral sensation to their restaurants this fall. Based in the Midwest (Wisconsin, yuck! But we won't hold that against them) Culver's has grown to be a heavy hitter in the fast-food industry.

With their delicious signature butterburger and cheese curds, it's no wonder that there are 960 Culver's locations all across the country, according to officials.

There are thirty-seven Culver's locations in the Hawkeye State and just continues to keep growing.

The business is bringing back a cult fan favorite burger to all of its Iowa locations for a VERY limited time next month.

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Introducing the CurderBurger

It started as an April Fool's joke on the brand's social media. The CurderBurger was never supposed to be a real thing.

Try saying that ten times fast...

For one day only in 2021, customers were able to purchase this cheese masterpiece! It's become a limited time special item that has been sold every year since.

Courtesy of Culver's
Courtesy of Culver's

What is the "CurderBurger?"

The foundation of this fan favorite is the classic Culver's Deluxe ButterBurger with a giant "Wisconsin Cheese Curd crown" stacked right on top of it.

A perfect combination of my two favorite items from this fast food spot!

How Long Will It Be Available For?

For a third year, customers will be able to try the CurderBurger for a limited time! However, this time around it will be around for a bit longer. Culver's all across the Midwest will serve up this cheesy delicacy starting on Monday, October 2nd through Thursday, October 31st.

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