A new surveillance device popping up around Illinois does more than just watch our every move, it tracks something very important on our vehicles.

Over the past ten years, I have noticed majority of households have Ring Doorbells, businesses have security cameras inside and outside, and we're just never alone wherever we go - even in our cars.

I was driving down Perryville Road in Rockford the other day and noticed a solar-paneled device with a camera attached to it.  Then, I saw another one on the highway.


What are the solar-powered cameras on the side of the road?

It's a license plate reader!  Crazy that this is what the world has come to.

"License plate reader cameras can be placed anywhere to capture detailed data about license plates and vehicles used to commit crimes, so action can be taken quickly and efficiently." [FlockSafety]

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attachment-license reader close up

I get it, we're trying to make the community feel more safe with stopping crime as fast as possible.  It's just kind of scary to think I can't go anywhere in my car without "someone" marking my location every few miles.

Here's what Flock Safety said about the importance of License Plate Readers:

According to the International Association of Chiefs of Police, upwards of 70% of crime involves using a vehicle.

In most cases, a license plate number is the number-one piece of evidence law enforcement can use to make an arrest

Stolen vehicles are often used to commit additional crimes. Alerting police when a stolen vehicle or known suspect enters a community can prevent crime before it happens. 

Airway Heights Police Department - FB
Airway Heights Police Department - FB

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So, if you have a clean record, aren't trying to run from police, and have no reason to hide anything suspicious, don't worry about the license plate readers.

Just make sure to have your sticker up to date on your plate... like me haha.

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