A unique cosmic event is coming up and there's a warning that goes along with it.

In just a few weeks, a total solar eclipse will envelope states in North America. The moon will cross in front of the sun and if you're not in the path of totality, you can still see it. According to NASA, 99% of people who live in the United States will be able to see either a partial or total solar eclipse on April 8th.

Great American Eclipse
Great American Eclipse

As you can see, the path of totality crosses into Illinois. It will be a cool event to witness (wearing safe eclipse glasses, which are available for cheap at local supermarkets). It has a wider path of totality than the 2017 eclipse did.

But April 8th is a Monday. We'll be out and about because we got stuff to do. AAA has a warning for you about driving during the eclipse.

Expect Roads To Be A Mess

Holiday Inn Total Solar Eclipse in Nashville
Rick Diamond

It's probably gonna kind be everything we already hate about driving rolled into one. It'll be dark. People will be either stopped in the middle of the road, on the shoulder, or rubbernecking trying to get a good view of the eclipse.

AAA says do this when you're out driving during the eclipse:

  • Keep your headlights on
  • Put the visor down to block your view of the sun
  • Don't wear eclipse glasses while you're driving
  • Don't try to take a pic or video of the eclipse while you're driving either
  • Do NOT pull over on the side of the road, highway or interstate to watch the eclipse.
  • DO pull in a safe area like a parking lot to watch the eclipse.
  • Watch for people walking around looking straight up

It's gonna be a weird few minutes. Very cool event, but weird. The best thing to do is just not drive during the few minutes that the eclipse happens if you can help it. If you do have to drive, stay focused on the road, not the sky.

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