Valentine's Day is right around the corner and if you have a sweet tooth, this holiday is perfect to stock up on all the sugary goodness. If you're also not sure what to get your significant other as a treat for Valentine's Day, just get them one of Quad Cities' favorite Valentine's Day treats.

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This year, Iowa and Illinois differ on their favorite candy to celebrate the day of love, but both of their top picks are chocolate. Can't be mad about that.

Illinois' Favorite Valentine's Day Candy

The people who know candy work at, I mean, look at the name of the website. They looked at bulk candy sales data to create a map of each state's top 3 favorite Valentine's Day candy. They crunched the numbers from 16 years of their online bulk candy store and industry partners. found that 57% of Valentine's Day gifts will be spent on candy. In 2024, more people will buy heart-shaped chocolate boxes over Sweethearts conversation hearts.

So what is Illinois' favorite Valentine's Day candy? Chocolate hearts

attachment-Illinois Popular Grocery Store Recall (1)

Conversation Hearts was second and M&M's was third.

Iowa's Favorite Valentine's Day Candy

Here's a few more fun facts about Valentine's Day from The National Retail Federation's survey says the U.S. will be spending $25.8 billion, slightly down from last year's $25.9B. But we'll be spending more on significant others than ever, a record $14.2 billion.

Hershey's Kisses have been making their way up the list of the most popular Valentine's Day candy.

Now, what is Iowa's favorite Valentine's Day candy? M&M's took the cake in the Hawkeye State.


Conversation Hearts was second and Ghirardelli Gift Box was third.


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