If you're dreaming of a white Christmas, you're about to realize it's a nightmare. While there is always a chance of a white Christmas in Iowa and the Quad Cities, our chance to have one this year is getting smaller and smaller.

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An extended temperate outlook by NOAA is not giving anyone hope of a white Christmas this year. If anything, it's making some of us look forward to the holiday since it's actually going to be warmer than usual for this time of year.

We'll Have A Hot, Hot, Hot, Hot Christmas

It's probably not the news you want to hear but it's the weather news you're going to get. This Christmas, Mother Nature is giving us her warm heart by making it warmer than normal.

The 8-14 Temperature Outlook from NOAA shows that all of Iowa and most of Illinois will likely see above-average temperatures from Dec. 20-26.


On Christmas, the average high temperature in the Quad Cities is 34° and the average low is 18°, according to the National Weather Service of the Quad Cities.

The Weather Channel thinks on Christmas Day, we'll see highs in the mid-to-low 40s with a chance of some morning showers.

Chance Of A White Christmas In The Quad Cities

With news like this, our chances of seeing snow on Christmas morning are really small. But every year there's always a chance for a white Christmas.

If you hit up NOAA's website with the map of the entire country, you can see (just like Iowa) your chance of a white Christmas depends on where you live.

The Quad Cities that live north of Interstate 80 have a 40-50% chance of a white Christmas. The Quad Cities metro and those south of I-80 have a 30-40% chance. I made my own map.


Realistically, our chances of a white Christmas are getting close to zero but never say never.

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