The City of Dubuque will continue to adhere to some European planning sensibilities in effort to make an intersection safer and the flow of traffic more natural, with construction to begin later this summer.

The City of Dubuque announced on its Facebook page that they plan to convert the intersection of Kerper Court and Kerper Boulevard into a two-lane roundabout. Work on the project is slated to begin in early July, and officials recently hosted a public meeting about the project at the Municipal Services Center near where the roundabout is set to be installed.

The City confirmed that Kerper Boulevard will remain open to northbound and southbound traffic, and access to all businesses will be maintained during roadwork. A temporary road from 16th Street to Kerper Boulevard has been constructed to allow access to Kerper Court while work is done on the western half of the roundabout, per the City's Facebook post.

News of the upcoming Kerper roundabout was first announced in the Telegraph Herald/Biz Times in late 2022 following a traffic study the city requested from Kwik Trip. City officials noted that roundabouts were preferable to traffic signals in certain situations, one of the major being their general ease of maintenance and a decreased likelihood of broadside crashes.

The existing roundabout connecting streets like Delhi and Grandview in Dubuque. Photo Credit: City of Dubuque, YouTube
The existing roundabout connecting streets like Delhi and Grandview in Dubuque. Photo Credit: City of Dubuque, YouTube

The City of Dubuque has also gone the extra mile (no pun intended) in devoting a section of their website to explaining roundabouts for drivers who are still unfamiliar or hesitant about the concept. They even created a YouTube video (embedded above) to illustrate how traffic will flow.

Every roundabout relies on certain fundamental characteristics including:

  • Traffic traveling at a counterclockwise flow around a center island
  • Vehicles entering the roundabout are required to yield to both pedestrians and existing traffic
  • Curvature of the structure results in lower vehicle speeds within the roundabout
  • Vehicles exiting the roundabout do so by displaying a turn signal and veering toward desired exit

The City of Dubuque also has a flyer available on their website for more information regarding roundabouts. For further updates on the upcoming roundabout coming to Kerper Boulevard, stay posted on the City's website and Facebook page.


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