The cookie company Dirty Dough will be rolling into the Corridor next year!

We first heard about Dirty Dough coming to Cedar Rapids back in June. According to GLD Commercial, the chain will be located at 2811 Wiley Blvd SW across from Menards. Dirty Dough will be on the SE endcap of the brand new strip mall, which allows them to have a drive-thru.

Dirty Dough sets itself apart from other cookie companies by selling 'super-stuffed cookie bombs.' Each cookie features "a combination of layers, mix-ins, and filling within the dough." For example, one of 'The Classics' on the menu is The Reverse. It consists of "fudge filling wrapped in a chocolate cookie then triple wrapped with a peanut butter cookie and topped with a chocolate drizzle and crushed Reese's."

Other classics on the menu include The Brookie, Raspberry Toaster Tart, Cookies n Creme, Stuffed Chocolate Chip, and The Muscle, which is a fudge brownie protein cookie packed with peanut butter. Dirty Dough also offers rotating weekly specials that are announced each Friday. This week's features are Sin-A-Roll and Kickin Berry Cheesecake.

Thanks to an email from Emerging Insider, we now know that Dirty Dough is planning to open the new Cedar Rapids store in early January of 2024. There is no official opening date yet, but we will be sure to update you when we know more! It's also worth noting that Dirty Dough will be bringing something other than cookies to our community. The press release reads:

"Dirty Dough also has a mental wellness initiative with their nonprofit Life is Sweet Foundation baked into their DNA, where in every community they open within, they also provide grants for youth mental wellness centers in the local community."

You can read more about Dirty Dough and check out their full menu on their website HERE.

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