I cannot even imagine the horror of having a family member go missing and/or having their life taken from them. That is the misery of 7 Wisconsin families who have no closure for their loved ones who were taken from them yet no one was ever brought to justice. Hope remains that someone has information that can help solve these Wisconsin cold cases.

The Wisconsin Department of Justice revealed 7 unsolved cold cases as of this writing. Many have been unsolved for decades. See if any of these individuals or their circumstances brings a fact to mind that might help investigators.

Can You Help Wisconsin Families Finally Solve These 7 Cold Cases?

Gallery Credit: Wisconsin Department of Justice

If you have any information that would help these Wisconsin families find peace, you can call 1-800-THE HOPE (1-800-843-4673) or you can also submit an anonymous tip online. You just never know when one small detail that you remember might be the development authorities need to finally bring justice to whoever did these unspeakable crimes.

US Marshals Seeking Capture of 6 Dangerous Wisconsin Fugitives

Gallery Credit: US Marshals

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