We are on the last leg of summer, and before you know it the leaves will fall and the cool weather will begin to roll in. And let's face it, here in Iowa we're no stranger to the cold.

We could be in for rougher conditions this year, however, according to Farmers Almanac, which has been providing long-range weather forecasts since 1818.  It warns that while much of the country may have mild conditions this year, the Midwest will be hit with frigid, stormy weather.


What can you expect? By the sounds of if, January will kick off 2022 with a cold and snowy start, possible blizzards. February is expected to be a quiet month for the most part, with the exception of an expected 'Winter Whopper'. In March they predict a mid-month late winter storm for the East and Midwest.

“I think you’re going to have a fairly rough winter,” Peter Geiger, editor of the Farmers’ Almanac say, “We’re also saying it’s going to be a bit of a flip-flop. So what’s going to happen, as we see it, is that you’re going to get a lot of snow, then it’s going to be mild, then you’re going to get really cold, and then it’s going to be mild.”

Be prepared so you don't find yourself out in the cold this season!

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