Hoosiers, long considered one of the best sports movies ever made, is getting a second life.

No, we're not talking about a remake or a sequel (as if that's even possible). We're talking about a fashion statement that looks like it could be a marketing slam dunk.

The Indiana Pacers have revealed alternate uniforms for the upcoming season that will be the same as worn by Hickory High in Hoosiers.

The unis are a tribute to the movie, which, of course, is a tribute to basketball-mad Indiana.Hoosiers will be celebrating the 30th anniversary of its release in 2016. The team also plans to wear the uniforms in select games beyond this coming season.

George Hill, who hails from Indiana, tired on the uniforms. Somewhere, we just know coach Normal Dale is smiling. Pacers great Reggie Miller gave it seal of approval, too.

This is the second '80s sports movie to get shown some serious love this week. The Milwaukee Brewers also made sure to salute Bob Uecker's Harry Doyle from Major League.

Who knows, maybe this will open the door for some team to wear the New York Knights uniforms from The Natural.

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