Fall is my favorite season and it's the reason I will never live anywhere other than the Midwest. Understand when I say that I'm ready for temps to drop into the upper-50's, I'm not sick of upper-70's temps by any means. I'm just ready to enjoy fall to its' fullest; long-sleeved t-shirts, jeans, chili, football and beautiful fall foliage painting the bluffs in orange, gold and maroon.

Earlier this week, I asked for listeners to shoot me a Tweet, email or message on Facebook and tell me their favorite pumpkin patch and then my wife, daughter and I would visit the winner on Saturday.

So far, Dittmar Farms in Elizabeth, IL, Bloomsbury Farms in Atkins, IA and Vesperman Farms in Lancaster, WI are the front-runners.

If you have a pumpkin patch preference, leave a comment or send me a Tweet @TheJeffRobbShow.