Last week, my daughter turned one . My wife and I have spent much of the past few weeks reflecting on the past year; how much she's grown, the clothes she can no longer wear, the swing she's too big for, etc.

While I don't have nearly as much tangible evidence that my wife and I have also grown, I can tell you that the man typing this is a more compassionate, selfless, thoughtful and responsible man than he was 369 days ago.

I've heard people say that parents learn so much from their children. I'm realizing now a lot of that learning happens before their children can appreciate how far they've come.

Side note: One idea that I've pirated and would like to share with you is to create an email account and send an email every year on your son or daughter's birthday recapping the past year and the moment you've shared. When they turn 18, give them the email account information so they can access it and read what you've typed over the years.

I thought it was a pretty cool idea.


My daughter and me

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