I spent 2 minutes with my fingers on the keyboard trying to come up with a catchy title for this blog post; I couldn't. While the title lacks pizzazz, it's accurate and to-the-point.

The NHL season has one huge flaw: teams will go six days without playing a game and then, towards the end of the season, will play 3-4 games in six days.

I'm not sure why they don't create a more balanced schedule throughout the entire season, but this schedule is taking it's toll on my wife.

Tuesday night, I was watching the second Minnesota Wild (my favorite team) game in as many nights, when she asked, "how many more hockey games do they have left?!"

I could tell that my hockey viewing was starting to wear on her.

Unfortunately for her, the Wild are playing really well and appear to be headed to the playoffs which, if everything goes perfectly, could mean hockey games will be on in our living room until mid-June.

I appreciate how inconvenient it can be if you're not interested at all in sports and you're married to a sports junkie. Thankfully, my wife is an understanding person....And we have two TV's.