Russ Bickle is the Traffic Manager at Townsquare Media; he's in charge of making sure all commercials get scheduled properly based on variables like what station, what days and between which times. It sounds like a detail-oriented job.

That's why I was surprised when one of our listeners contacted me and informed me that she'd been out at the station to pick up Rock Fest concert wristbands she won a few weeks ago and that we didn't have them "because the guy at the front desk (Russ) threw them away."

When I confronted Russ he didn't deny this and proceeded to explain how he had a pair of wristbands sitting on his desk that he thought expired at a festival this past weekend.

I calmly explained to Russ that Rock Fest was July 16-19 and that we'd need to either A. find the wristbands or B. repay the winner.

After further investigation, it was determined that the garbage wouldn't be dumped until tomorrow...that meant Russ was going to get dirty!

After sifting through garbage in a dumpster that smelled like Andy Dufresne's prison clothes after his escape, Russ managed to find the wristbands!!!!! Only problem (and here's where it gets REALLY good): they were COUNTRY fest wristbands!

After seeing this, I wondered if maybe Russ was unaware that the wristbands could've been in the Eagle 102 prize folder all along. Sure enough, they were!

Had Russ simply asked me when the winner came in to collect her prize, this whole situation could've been avoided. For the sake of this blog, I'm glad he didn't!