The NCAA has dropped the hammer on a player for doing something that seems incredibly necessary: he found somewhere to sleep.

Baylor running back Silas Nacita announced he's been declared ineligible for accepting a friend's offer to stay set up him in an apartment last summer when Nacita was homeless.

Nacita, who rushed for three TDs last season, walked on to the Bears last summer after being homeless for a year. He explained in a Twitter post:

A few months before enrolling, a close family friend approached me and said they didn't want me sleeping on floors and wondering how I was going to eat the next meal, so they insisted on putting me in an apartment and helping out with those living expenses. Because I accepted that offer instead of choosing to be homeless, I am no longer eligible to play football and pursue my dream. I had no idea I was breaking any rules, but I respect the decision of the NCAA."

Nacita, who transferred from Cornell, received an academic scholarship from Baylor where he made the Big 12's all-academic team.

You can see Nacita's entire Twitter reaction below:

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