Yep, this "riding dirty" thing will get you busted...So clean up your act, Rockford! ILGA

So you are heading home from work and doing things. Music is up, you're making good time and you are keeping things within the speed limit, well at least close enough. You hear the siren and see the lights behind you...Wait, that can't be for him, right? Oh shoot, it is! The panic sets in and you are thinking about your insurance card and your lead foot. What did you just get pulled over for?

The officer checks everything out, and hands you back your license and registration AND a ticket for a dirty license plate! What?

If the State or local law enforcement officer having jurisdiction observes that the plate itself has been physically treated with a substance or material that is obstructing the visibility or electronic image recording of the plate, the officer shall issue a Uniform Traffic Citation and shall confiscate the plate - ILGA

Your car might seem clean to you, but is your license plate covered in something that got in the way of the officer being able to see it? This "could" cost you a pretty penny, especially if you are covering something up on your license plate on purpose:

The Secretary of State shall revoke the registration of any plate that has been found by a court or administrative tribunal to have been physically altered with any chemical or reflective substance or coating that obstructs the visibility or electronic image recording of the plate. A fine of $750. - ILGA

So make sure your license plate isn't filthy, you aren't "riding dirty" and it only says "wash me" on the hood.

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