Matthew Jackson died way too soon at the age of 28. He may not have been famous, but his death is being mourned by thousands.

Jackson paid for a complete stranger's groceries at a Trader Joe's in Oceanside, Calif. on November 10. That woman, Jamie-Lynne Knighten, had her credit card declined, her five-month-old was crying and the line was getting longer.

That's when Jackson walked up to her and offered to pay the bill. He told her all he wanted was her to pay it forward, so she eventually relented.

She got his contact info and a week later called the health club where he worked to talk him up and maybe bring him a thank-you gift. That's when she discovered Jackson was killed in a car crash not even 24 hours after he paid her bill.

The news of Jackson's passing devastated Knighten. She said, "I was at a complete loss. I wanted to honor this man. I wanted to pay my respects for him and wanted people to know what he did for me."

So, she took to Facebook:

She also created a Facebook page and a Twitter page for Jackson to honor him. Knighten's experience has touched many people. She said the feedback has been "incredible. People saying they were going to pay it forward in Scotland, in Wisconsin, in Australia. Overwhelming. It was overwhelming.”

You can learn more about Jackson's gesture and the effect it has had on Knighten below:

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