Gary Dolphin's Iron Bar Grand Opening June 23 - 27

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It's a great place!  Gary Dolphin's Iron Bar in The Novelty Iron Works Building in Dubuque's Millwork District is a top-notch facility, probably the nicest bar in Dubuque.  The attention to detail shows throughout, from the comfortable furniture carefully arranged to make conversation a priority, to the music mix and volume, to the experienced, friendly staff, to the enormous Jumbotron TV in the courtyard, it's hard to imagine anyone finding fault with the place.  The Hawkeye sports displays are classy, and the recreation of the view from the Kinnick Stadium press box is outstanding.


What really makes the place work though, is Gary Dolphin.  He's there a lot, and as always been his way, easy to talk to and happy to chat with anyone who says hello.  The displays from his family business in Cascade are yet another great touch.  This is a place as comfortable, and "Dolphin-y" as you can imagine.  Just as Gary makes guests feel appreciated, Gary Dolphin's Iron Bar makes patrons feel welcome and valued.  Like Gary, it's classy but never pretentious.  There's plenty of "Hawkeye-ness" here, too.  The pride in history and respect for blue collar roots in the place parallel values Hawkeye teams have long held high. Kudos to every person involved in this absolute gem.  It's a fine addition to Dubuque.


The bar's grand opening promises lots of excitement with visits from larger-than-life Hawkeye legends.  As you might expect, Gary's play-by-play partners Ed Podolak and Bobby Hansen will be there to give the place a proper launch.  The incomparable Dan Gable will be there on Wednesday night, June 23rd with his own beer on tap.  Live music is scheduled for Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.


Congratulations, Gary!  Thank you for all you've done for our community.  Cheers and Go Hawks!



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