Everyone loves to play with new toys. And everyone wants to help kids...especially those with special needs.  Here's your chance to do both.


The 19th Annual Cuba City Toy Show will be held on Sunday, October 16th at Banfield’s Swiss Haus in rural Cuba City, Wisconsin. The public is welcome to view vendor displays and tables from 9:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. Admission is $2.00 for individuals 13 years and older.  Vendors will have an assortment of farm toys, toy cars, and more.  Door prizes and drawings will be held throughout the day.

Earl Kaiser, organizer of the show said:

 “I hope to see everyone again this year at the Cuba City Toy Show. Get your holiday shopping done early as there truly is something for everyone”

All proceeds go to benefit Wisconsin Badger Camp and Cuba City Lions Club. For more information on attending or becoming a vendor for this event, please contact Earl Kaiser at 608-732-1361.

I actually participated in a fundraising TV telethon many years ago on the campus of the University of Wisconsin in Platteville.   The idea was for me to go on TV and ask my friends and co-workers to donate to Wisconsin Badger Camp.

With all my experience in radio, I thought being on TV for an hour or two would be a cinch.  I was wrong.  Between the bright glow of spotlights in my eyes (not to mention the heat they gave off) and being barked at by the director to stand here, say this, remember to smile, and what seemed like a hundred other things...Let me tell you, the experience was nothing short of frightening for me.

I learned a new respect for the folks in front of the cameras.  It's one thing to talk into a microphone in a studio with no one watching. It's a whole different animal to figure out which camera to look at, remember to smile and try to read off a teleprompter that always seemed to be going a little too fast for my reading skills.

I don't remember how much money they raised during my time on the air but I hope there was at least some money donated. That was my one only venture into the TV world...and that's OK with me.  As they say "Stay in your lane Bro"....and that's exactly what I intend to do.

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